Collect, organize, and turn your video into stories!

PELEIO guides you in planning your video's story, capturing your own footage, organizing and uploading your files all at once. You do most of the work so all you have to pay for is a quick edit.

How Does It Work?

Save and comment on your video footage with PELEIO Video Storyteller Organize your video footage with the PELEIO Video Storyteller app.

Get your video content edited affordably, quickly, and reliably.

Custom Turnaround

On a budget? We keep your price low in a timely manner.

Creative Feedback

Our project dashboard includes a rough draft and direct communication with your editor.

Optional Enhancements

Thumbnails? Subtitles? Animations? Translations? Let us make your job easier.

Mission: Authenticity

Storytelling is key.

Connecting as humans through stories is a tale as old as time. In recent times, finding success by sharing information online has been confounded by corporate aesthetics to engage in impersonal marketing or exaggerated communications.

PELEIO supports you to play a new game with your video, one where your authenticity as a person, brand, or community speaks for itself.

Storytelling is the key to change.

Effective Storytelling Made Simple

How It Works

1. Follow the Guide

Our interactive Video Storytelling Guide walks you through the ins & outs of how you can effectively share your message with the world. You can use it to conceptualize & organize the segments of your story.

Visit the Storytelling Guide

Follow the Guide

2. Shoot Your Video

Once you've got an idea of your story, use any camera you'd like--even our mobile app!--to capture your footage corresponding to the storytelling sections layed out in the guide.

Shoot Your Video

3. Upload Files

Send us your files directy using the PELEIO Video Storytelling App directly or simply log in to our unique Upload Portal to organize your footage on the fly.

Visit the Upload Portal

Upload Your Video

Relax! Now it's our turn.


Not just a service, but a collaboration.

We Work With You,
Not For You

Problems with motivation? Inspiration? Permission to be creative?

The hardest part is often just getting started. What makes PELEIO stand out from similar services is the relationship we develop with you.

If you need to produce a video but don't know where to begin, your first creative consultation is on us.

Consult With Us

Some ideas of what we can offer you:

A little PELEIO history: our founder and CEO "retired" from a life of backpacking and filmmaking with people, projects, and organizations he came across on the road.

Eventually he founded PRCPTION Travel, Inc., which is now our sister non-profit which facilitates the production of uplifting and inspiring digital media. Much of our portfolio comes from that work.


What To Use PELEIO For

Consistent Presence

Photos get old. Use PELEIO to keep motivated and record new vibrant content for your audience. We'll get creative with you and edit it on your schedule.

Up-To-Date Promo Videos

Don't let the footage of your everyday activities pile up. Have us continually update your promo video so your clients get to know your brand of today, not last year.


Look to the future. We'll hang onto your projects to one day combine your everyday content into long-form pieces that help your audience see the big picture.

Family & Vacation Videos

Hey, who said it all had to be about your work? Look back at your family memories in style with a flowing story instead of hundreds of albums of files.


What Clients Are Saying



Discover Your Brand's Storytelling

Let's face it: you could edit video on your own with any one of the thousands of apps out there. Spend time chopping up the footage you've captured, insert some transitions, slap on a logo, and download a watermarked video.

Or pay the big bucks to a professional media or marketing agency. That smooth corporate feel is probably not what resonates with your demographic these days--not to mention it takes time, planning, and a good chunk of money!

  • Work with someone who gets to know your brand. Our editors are passionate storytellers who get creative with you!
  • The 2020s are all about authenticity: There has never been a better time to use a smartphone for capturing your own footage!
  • Optimize your resources by skipping freelancer uncertainty or agency fees.
Build a Relationship
Broadcast Your Authenticity

Save Time & Money


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